Regular Ashtanga Yoga Classes & Workshops


Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Class at Ashtanga Spirit Munich

I teach Mon-Fri 6:30-9:00 am  Mysore Style Class and on Saturdays a Full Led Primary Series class  at 8:00 am every week at Ashtanga Spirit Munich,

Amiraplatz 3, Luitpoldblock, 1. Etage
80333 Munich, Germany.

Please note that there’s no class on days of full moon and new moon.


Here you’ll find more information on the studio and the already existing program.










And if you’re still learning the sequence of the traditional primary series, or would just like to have it as a decoration on your wall, you can purchase the full sequence poster in two sizes, A3 and A2. The bigger size not only has the sequence and the name of the asanas, but also the drsti. You can find it here:

Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series Poster


Ashtanga yoga & Safari

Six breathtaking days 17th – 23rd February 2018.
Practice Mysore-style with level 2 KPJAYI Authorized teacher
Asta Caplan in a group of max. 10 participants

Price with 10 participants 1700€.

The workshop will be held with as few as 6 participants, but with an increased price.

For details see the events of this site or go to:

Registration and payment details: through the contact of this site/