Regular Ashtanga Yoga Classes & Workshops

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Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Class at Patrick Broome Yoga Studios
I teach Mon-Fri 6:30-9:00 am  Mysore Style Class and on Saturdays a Full Led Primary Series class  at 8:00 am every week at Patrick Broome Yoga Studios, Munich

Amiraplatz 3, Luitpoldblock, 2. Floor
80333 Munich, Germany.

Please note that there’s no class on days of full moon and new moon.

Here you’ll find more information on the studio and the already existing program.

And if you’re still learning the sequence of the traditional primary series, or would just like to have it as a decoration on your wall, you can purchase the full sequence poster in two sizes, A3 and A2. The bigger size not only has the sequence and the name of the asanas, but also the drsti. You can find it here:

Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series Poster





Der Workshop für Anfänger wird in Deutsch geführt und gibt eine praktische Einführung ist die Tradition des Asthanga Yogas. Wir werden vorwiegend praktizieren und an Beispielen Techniken erarbeiten und somit tiefer in Asthanga eindringen.

The workshop for beginners is conducted in German and gives a practical introduction to the tradition of Asthanga Yoga. The workshop will concentrate on the practical side of the practice, which sill give the practitioner the keys to the deeper layers of yoga.

If there is interest, there will be a time for a private class or three. OR if there are students who have practiced Ashtanga Yoga for some time in Mysore style and would like to practice Mysore style with me, we <span class=”text_exposed_show”>could arrange a led class for Friday afternoon and an early morning group for Saturday and Sunday.
Let me know by a message, if you’re interested and committed to join.

The basic schedule for the beginner’s WS:
Friday, 01.12.2017
(4:15 pm -5:45 pm Led full primary series for the more advanced group)

6:00 pm – 8:30 pm: Introduction to the Asthanga practice and a slowly guided Ashtanga yoga class
Saturday 02.12.2017
(7-9:15 Mysore class)

09:30 am – 11:30 am: Ashtanga Yoga Class, guided by Asta – practice the Ashtanga yoga primary series in traditional style
1:30 pm – 4:00 pm: A class with easy warm-up. Practicing individual asanas and detail work on the technique time for questions arising from the classes before. (If space-wise possible we’ll join the two groups of students)
Sunday, 03.12.2017
(7:30-9:45 Mysore class)

10:00 – 12:30: Class guided by Asta – answering new questions – detailed work
The workshop costs (for both groups) 170 €.
Early Bird Ticket until 1.11.2017 150,00 €

Register here:

Questions and details: through the contact of this site/